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Good Stuff - FileLocator


The start menu of Windows 95 had an item called Find that was very good for finding files and folders. As each new version of Windows came out, it became more cute and less useful. It's name kept changing and and it kept getting "smarter", often doing what Microsoft thought I might have wanted instead of what I told it I wanted.

I spent hours searching and having it not find things I knew were there, poking around the Internet to find registry settings and other tricks to make it work like the older version, thinking I fixed it only to have it fool me again.

I tried third party replacements, wasting time and deciding that was a bad idea, until one day I saw a recommendation for FileLocator.

FileLocator is just right! It installed easily and came up doing exactly what I want. Perfect defaults! I don't think I changed even one. It does what I need most often most easily. If I want something fancy I have to do a little more work - not much.

I can start it the same ways I did the Windows Search, type a few keys and I'm looking at the list of files. After a few more keys to search contents, I can pick a file and it shows me the lines inside that match my search string.

I started using the free FileLocator Lite and then spent the $39 for FileLocator Pro. It has some extra features I like, but this is one of those times something is so good it deserves to be supported. If the pro version did not exist and I had paid that much for the lite version, I would be thrilled.

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