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Good Stuff - VirtualBox


I wrote my first virtual machine in 1963 and, a few others since then. (Computers were much simpler in those days.) So, as you can imagine, I have high standards. The Virtual PC fad came and went before I got around to needing one. There were plenty to choose from and I looked at all the popular ones. Virtual box stood out from the rest - runs on most any host you've got and runs just about any guest you can dream up. The documentation is simple, short, complete, and clear. So, I have to admit, given all that, it is the only one I tried and it is well done - just about perfect - simple to use - each feature available just where I expect it.

Of course, I didn't want to build a fresh computer from original CDs. I had an old machine with failing hardware and didn't want to lose the software. I did all the monkey business - cloning disks, replacing drivers - running utilities that were booted from floppies and CDs. Yes, I did this all in the virtual machine, and now my old system is running in virtual hardware. Now I can stop worrying about when the old computer is going to bite the dust.

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