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Can't run Windows Update

How to get Windows Update working - or - How to install Windows Installer 3.1

I had this probalem on a few computers and found this fix by somebody I only know as "Member No.: 197,465". I tried it on one computer and it worked. I doubt that I'll get to try it on the others.

Here's his fix:

Click Start/Run Type regedit click OK. Click any -sign to+ to see only HKEY_--- tables.

Right click HKEY_Classes_Root in fulldown menu click Permission select Secure table. In Group or User names box

should be Administrator or Administratos with name of computer. If you do not see it click Add button.

In open "Enter the object names to select" box type: Administrator, Name of your computer will add automaticaly.

Click Apply/Ok.

Check and Repeat it to all HKEY_

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