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Startup Programs Needed and Not Needed

Here is quick look at what must run when Windows 98 starts.

You should have these:

TaskMonitor Recommended - standard windows disk optimization support
SystemTray Required to make the system tray work
LoadPowerProfile Two of these are required for power management (one when a user is logged on and one when not)
StillImageMonitor Required to support USB
Depending on what optional items you have installed, the following might also be required. If you see any of these listed in your MSCONFIG Startup list, it is probably required.
afvxd.vxd, dfs.vxd, elbycheck.exe, explorer.exe, grpconv.exe, hhctrl.ocx, internat.exe, ios.vxd, javasup.vxd, kmixer.sys, mountmgr.sys, msmouse.vxd, ndis.vxd, ndis2sup.vxd, ndiswan.vxd, redbook.sys, rnapapp.exe, rnbostart, rr2envxd.vxd, rsrcmtr.exe, rundll32.exe-iernonce.dll,runonceexprocess, rundll32.exe-nvqtwk,nvcpldaemon, rundll32.exe-powrprof.dll,loadcurrentpwrscheme, scanregw.exe, shell32.dll, statemgr.exe, stimon.exe, svchost.exe, systray.exe, taskmon.exe, update.sys, vfixd.vxd, vi_grm.exe, vmm32.vxd, viagart.vxd, vnetbios.vxd, vnetsup.vxd, vredir.vxd, vrtwd.386, vrtwd.vxd, vserver.vxd, winbait.exe, wshtcp.vxd, wsipx.vxd, wsock.vxd, wsock2.vxd

The following show up as part of commonly installed programs but are not required for normal functioning of the products:

QuickTime Task QuickTime will start when you need it. This just wastes memory when you are not using it.
Office Startup This loads all that annoying Microsoft Office desktop clutter.
SchedulingAgent This allows you to schedule programs to run at specified times. You'll probably never use it.
LVComs Installed with Logitec camera support. Camera works fine without it.

For more detailed information, see these pages:

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