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Replace a modem on a Windows NT 4 computer

How do I replace a modem on a Windows NT 4 computer?

This may not be the simplest way. Some of the steps might be unnecessary. If you know more about this, please tell me.

  1. In Control Panel, Modems, remove the old modem.
    When asked if you want to reconfigure Remote Access Service, say no.
  2. In Control Panel, Ports, remove all the ports.
  3. In Control Panel, Network, Services, remove Remote Access Service.
  4. Shut down the computer.
  5. Remove the old modem and install the new modem.
  6. Install the modem driver.
  7. Open My Computer, and pick Dial Up Networking. This should offer to install Dial Up Networking. Accept the offer.
  8. At the end of installingDial Up Networking, say No to the offer to restart the computer.
  9. Install Windows NT Service pack 3 or newer.
  10. Restart the computer.

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