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Windows XP search all file types

Windows XP only searches files of some types. If you tell it to find all files conatining a certain character string, it tries to be really smart and ignore the files and parts of files it knows you are not interested in. It only looks at some files and only parts of those.

To make it search all parts of all files, as the older versions of Windows did, set the following registry dword value:

Giving it a value of 1 will make Windows search every file you tell it to. Whether you have "indexing Service" on or off makes no difference and changing this value does not change whether "indexing Service" is on or off. It just makes it search (and maybe index) all files.

But wait!

I found out later that it was still skipping some things. Then I found FileLocator. It works much better anyway. There is more about it on my Good Stuff page.

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