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XEDIT - Description

XEDIT XEDIT is an interactive full screen text editor suitable for both programming and word processing applications. The entire screen or window is used for editing, with all changes appearing on screen as they are made. A comprehensive editing capability provides a direct approach to creation and editing of text files. Free of language or syntax, XEDIT's functions require only a single keystroke.

Speed and Efficiency

XEDIT is ready to work as soon as you start it and gets you out quickly when you are done, regardless of the size of the file you are editing. Its small size minimizes computer load; its directness of operation minimizes your time and effort.

Ease of Use

XEDIT is simple and straightforward to use. New users understand it immediately, while those with experience use it without conscious thought. XEDIT is not simply a collection of commonly required editing functions. Rather it has been designed as a tool appropriate to the process of editing. This allows you and XEDIT to work together with each step of the editing process leading naturally to the next. When the unexpected occurs, XEDIT clearly indicates what happened and is most ready for what you are most likely to do next. For example, after not finding a match during a search, your next keystroke can: begin correcting the search string, search the file in the other direction, or return to what you were doing before the search. The XEDIT approach to editing shows up as a lack of awareness of the editor, providing comfortable editing and ultimately contributing to the speed and quality of your work.

XEDIT Features

XEDIT Functions

Character Editing
Cursor Positioning
Line Editing
Tabs and Margins

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